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Herbal Apothecary


Natural & Healthy4Life provides a comprehensive range of TGA-approved Herbal Medicines. Our Degree accredited Naturopath will prescribe the highest grade formulas using evidence-based high-quality herbal tinctures, medicinal compounds, and nutritional supplements.

In addition to Western Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy, we work closely with our integrative team to provide you with optimal health support. This may include consultations with our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist or referral to our Integrative GP & Psychologist. 

Where applicable and for maximum health benefits we may prescribe TGA-approved Traditional Chinese Medicines and Ayurvedic Herbs. 


Clinic Herbal Dispensary ~ APOTHECARY

Natural & Healthy4Life provides a Monday to Friday Herbal & Supplement drop-in Dispensary for repeat clients as well as an order over-the-phone service. Client's living within Murwillumbah and nearby areas are eligible for free home delivery if they are unable to attend the clinic*

For Apothecary orders call 0478 222 022 or go to...



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*free home delivery for Murwillumbah residents on orders over $50


At every turn, our promise is to help you get healthier through natural dietary changes and lifestyle support that's affordable. Nutritional Medicine provides a holistic outlook on how nutrition impacts health, the relationship between diet and disease, as well as a focused understanding of how nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle factors, impact one's wellbeing. If you’re looking for nutritional support, the team at Natural & Healthy4Life can provide for all your dietary needs through Naturopathy.

Nutritional Medicine combines food as medicine and dietary therapy with recent scientific advances in nutritional biochemistry and therapeutics. We view food, diet, and nutritional supplements from the perspective of their therapeutic potential. We provide dietary advice to our clients and prescribe nutritional supplements, to assist in the treatment of a broad range of health conditions.

As well as dietary planning, we may also recommend high-quality, therapeutic strength Nutritional supplementation to help correct any biochemical imbalances in the body. We will use testing where necessary to establish baseline measures of specific nutrients and formulate an individualised supplementation plan accordingly.

A recognised Naturopath Medicine qualification covers in‐depth study in areas of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, research, nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutrition, dietary medicine, clinical case taking, communication, and professional interaction.


Give the team at Natural & Healthy4Life a call for dietary analysis, dietary planning, and lifestyle changes Today!


Some of the health conditions we treat

General Health and Wellbeing Food Allergies  •  Food Intolerances  •  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)  •  Bloating  •  Nutrition Hormone imbalances  •  Weight Loss  •  Chronic fatigue  •  Chronic pain issues  •   Fibromyalgia   •  Infertility and Fertility issues Menopause  •  Heart disease  •  Hypertension  •  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  •  Stress  •  Depression •   Anxiety 

Adrenal Fatigue  •  Chronic stress  •  Digestive complaints   •  Poor immune system  •  Recurrent infections   •  Colds and flu  •   Poor metabolism   • Osteo Arthritis  •  Joint and muscle pain  •  Male & Female reproductive complaints  •  Prostate disorders

Blood Sugar Irregularities  •  Diabetes Support  •  Children’s Health  •  Respiratory complaints   •  Cough  •  Asthma  • Sinusitis  •  COVID support

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