Sivananda Yoga 

What is Sivananda Yoga



Sivananda Yoga is one of the graceful-paced styles of yoga that focuses on the combination of movement with meditation and breathing.

The beauty of this practice is the opportunity for deep relaxation between yoga poses; allowing you the opportunity to connect with self and notice the subtle differences in the body after each pose.


The sequence is a set sequence so you can develop your practice over time and eventually take your practice with you anywhere you go. 

A great introductory practice for new yogi's! 

Who Can Do Sivananda Yoga

Yogis of all levels can practice Sivananda yoga because of its more “mellow” pace and style. It is especially recommended for those who want a holistic practice; working on emotional wellbeing, balancing the internal organs, energy systems and physical body using a combination of breathing exercises, set yoga poses and plenty of opportunity for relaxation.

Benefits of Sivananda Yoga

With its added emphasis on relaxation and positive thinking, the Sivananda style of yoga is worth trying if you want to do yoga for meditation, stress relief, and self-empowerment. It is also a recommended style for new yogis who want to boost vitality and restore or re-energize the body. Sivananda is also great for those who need a positive change in their lifestyle, because this style incorporates vedic teachings for positive thinking, mindfulness, and body awareness with every class.

What I Need to Know

Sivananda yoga classes start and end with meditation, and use the same 12 basic poses or asanas and their variations. Sessions usually start with the Breathing exercises, followed by Sun Salutations, and end in Savasana or Corpse pose. 

Sivananda yoga is currently being practiced and taught globally and is a very holistic practice that benefits all facets of being.