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Accredited Yoga & Meditation Teachers

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Zen Master Hogen San
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn 
HE Chogyeh Trichen Rinpoche
Lama Choedak Rinpoche


Zazen & Calm Abiding Meditation

3 Year Nationally Accredited Diploma Yoga & Meditation Teaching, Bihar Satyananda Yoga (1800hrs); IYTA 500hrs; Cert Tibetan Mindfulness Teacher Training

Dean has been following the path of Meditation for a little over 28 years after having a profound experience with an Apache Indian Spiritual Guide in North America, who revealed to him in a near-death experience "the timeless reality of Self Nature".


On returning to Australia in 1993, Dean consciously pursued Yoga practices & Meditation methods as a means to gaining insight into the practical processes (the practices) of awakening, so that he could help facilitate and share with others useful methods to bring people to deep peace, intrinsic Awareness and subsequently Authentic Presence abiding in Self Nature.

In 1995 he began visiting and living in Ashrams, pursuing the esoteric knowledge of the 8 limbs of Yoga with direct teachings & insight from living Masters within Zen, Hindu & Tibetan Yoga lineages. In 1999, in retreat, he received direct Dharma Lineage Transmission from Japanese Zen Master Hogen Yamahata (lineage heir to Thich Nhat Hahn) and journeyed with Hogen San for some time deepening the ground of BEING.

In 2005 Dean took initiation & refuge directly with the Dalai Lama's own Master, His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche during a rare retreat and subsequently studied Tibetan Calm Abiding Meditation Teacher Training with guidance from lineage disciple & Meditation Master, Lama Choedak Rinpoche. 

In 2009 Dean went on to complete a Nationally accredited 3-year Diploma of Yoga & Meditation Teacher training (1800hrs) under the guidance of senior disciples & Swami Niranjananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga in Australia. He took initiation directly from Swami Niranjan to ground his Yoga & Meditation Teaching with the "living nectar" of this Ancient Tantric Yoga Lineage.

One would call this initiation a "heart-to-heart Life-Saving Transmission"...disciple to Master.

Dean's approach to Meditation is to "cut through spiritual materialism" and the mundane, establishing mindfulness and cultivating "ordinary mind" - far beyond delusional thought in daily life.


"We are what we are, as we are, at the beginning of any (intellectual) beginning. Already Pure, already Complete, already One, already Here-Now, already Sovereign" As Hogen San says. "THIS IS IT!

One Truth already at the Other Shore

Dean is available for one on one mindfulness and meditation sessions & group sittings on Wednesdays & Fridays.

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Monique is a passionate Yoga Teacher and Dharma aspirant with a Taoist perspective. That in essence, we are not separate from the elements around us.

Yin Yoga with Monique gives you an opportunity to explore each of the five elements, Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth to have an embodied experience to feel the wisdom and potency each element has to offer us.

Yin is a beautiful way to drop inward. To start exploring and navigating through the inner workings of your own state of being.

In a predominantly yang functioning society, the practice of yin allows the space, the time and the environment for you to balance your own inner yin and yang energy.

Monique comes from a background of facilitating 1:1 personal development sessions including reiki, acupressure, talk therapy and more. It is her dharma to be of service in this way and is incredibly passionate, and present with holding space for you.

Monique's 60 minute morning YIN Yoga Class is followed by a 30 minute Zen Meditation Sesshin. 

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B.HSc Psychology with Honours  

Spiritual Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Meditation Instructor ~ Soul Psyhcology

Rebecca is a Spiritual Counsellor and Psychotherapist passionate about supporting others in addressing the cause of their suffering, not just the symptoms. She has 5 years experience working as a Psychologist and describes her approach as a mix of holistic psychology, new age spirituality and Buddhist philosophy. Rebecca draws her inspiration from the words and work of Ram Dass, Matt Kahn, Teal Swan and Carl Jung. Her approach is heart-centred, compassionate and client-focused. 

Rebecca believes life to be a journey of awakening and is very passionate about supporting others on their personal journeys. She describes the journey of awakening as a process of self-discovery and transformation in which we come to realise the truth of who we are outside of the interpersonal, social and cultural conditioning we have received. To this end, Rebecca works with clients to deepen their relationship with themselves through identification and release of any fear or shame-based conditioning that prevents them from seeing, knowing and loving themselves unconditionally.


Rebecca describes this work as transformational, as it is our deeply held subconscious beliefs that determines the quality of our experiences. In radically transforming our relationship with ourselves, we are transforming our relationships with others including our connection to Spirit/God/the Universe. Oftentimes it is the subconscious beliefs that we hold about ourselves that also prevent us from being able to manifest the love, joy, peace and fulfilment that we all want in our lives. Rebecca believes that as we learn to deeply recognise our worthiness in receiving all that our hearts desire, we invite these people, circumstances and situations to manifest.  

Rebecca has spent the past year travelling and committing to her own journey of awakening and is excited to be connecting again with like-minded people and contributing something meaningful to the community. She is new to the area but feels like she has found her forever home and is looking forward to what the future may bring both personally and professionally.


Rebecca offers appointments face to face or via phone/video and welcomes phone call enquiries prior to appointment bookings. 

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