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Expressive Art Classes
Thursday evenings 6pm - 8pm $20


Expressive Art is perfect for anyone wanting to be creative. Any ability is welcome as it is all about the “process", not results. This class includes meditation which enables us to tap into our subconscious, relax, reset, and slowly allow ourselves to tap into our "creativity" the inner child.

Your Transpersonal Art facilitator Cadence holds space as a creative and safe container during your sessions to allow the opportunity to release any negative energy and invite positive energy, insight and open up the doorway from your inner expression and guide you to translate that onto the canvas.


By surrendering to the process of whatever comes up in our art, makes it

effortless and most importantly non judgemental!

In Cadence's Classes, she demonstrates how to link your emotions and subconscious creative mind to your art. The intention for this type of art is symbolism based and it enables us to look into our artworks rather than judge on ability.


The final result 'BEING' able to feel connected to your inner self.

Which really is what art is all about.

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