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Crystal Singing Bowls are a form of sound therapy used to fine tune the body frequency. The sounds of the bowls are used together with guided meditation for a powerful deeply restoative experience. 


Benita brings a set of 8 ‘Crystal Singing Bowls’  ranging from 8 inch to 21 inch in diameter. The bowls are used in a similar manner to Tibetan Singing bowls whereby a rubber stick/rod is run around the edge of the bowl to create sound. The crystal bowls are made of pure crushed quartz crystal and have a very powerful and pure resonance.


Sound therapy works on the premise that everything in the universe is made of vibration/sound. The human body can perceive sound through skin and bone conduction throughout the whole body. Sound heals by assisting the body to come to its natural state of balance and harmony, inducing its own genetically pre programmed self healing system, and is said to be able to affect change in the autonomic, immune and endocrine systems.


When played with intention the sounds of the crystal singing bowls can take a person to a deep state of relaxation there by creating an opportunity for profound healing to take place.


Benita begins the sessions with a general introduction and guided visualisation/meditation (before and after) and then will play the bowls for 30 to 60 min. No meditation experience necessary you will be encouraged to make yourself comfortable, lay down and simply enjoy a session of healing, fine tuning and recovery from the stress of daily living.


The bowls are used in small or large groups in any venue whereby the persons in the group are able to lay down and be uninterrupted for the duration of the session.


Available for individual sessions combined with spiritual healing for a complete treatment.


Groups sessions and workshops available $35 per person.
Individual sessions: 90 Minutes
Both private and group sessions include spiritual healing and guided meditation.
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