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Natural & Healthy4Life works closely with the leading GUT FLORA EXPERTS to assess your gut flora for optimum health outcomes.


The human microbiome is the community of microorganisms living inside you, including in your gut, mouth, and on your skin. Recent estimates suggest there are slightly more microbial cells in your body than human cells! These microorganisms play an important role in keeping you healthy, similar to a separate organ.


The old adage "you are what you eat" is true when it comes to your microbiome. The composition and function of your microbial community can change depending on the types of food you consume.


Your microbiome can change depending on the amount of exercise you get. Some bacterial species have been linked to "lean vs obese" body types.


Certain bacterial species play an important role in keeping you healthy by producing anti-inflammatory compounds, essential vitamins, and antimicrobials. These beneficial species can also help relieve the symptoms of various disease states.


Increasing numbers of studies are showing links between your microbial community and your health. Microba allows you to explore your microbiome, compare it to others, and monitor differences when you make lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing.

How does it work?

1.) We'll help you create an account that lets you track your order progress and access your results when they’re ready.

2.) You’ll receive a microbiome sampling kit in the mail with detailed instructions on how to provide your sample. It’s 100% safe and painless.

3.) We provide a postage-paid reply envelope in your kit for you to get your sample back to the Lab. Just pop it in the envelope and send it back to the Lab free of charge.

4.) You'll be able to explore your results in an interactive format online and learn about the different microbes that make up your unique microbiome. Your personal microbiome profile lets you learn about which microbes are present in your sample, how abundant they are, the role they play, and how your profile compares to other groups.

5.) Our Naturopath will interpret your results and put into place a health care plan that corrects deficiencies and improves your healthy gut flora when your results arrive back.

In Your first consultation with our Naturopath, we will:

Spend Effective Time With You To Find The Source of The Problem

Please allow 1hour 30 minutes for your initial consultation. Your practitioner may use a range of additional diagnostic tools to help determine the cause of the problem and will prescribe the best individualised treatment plan for you. 

Help You Understand Your Results

Our practitioner will explain the results of your Microbiome Test and what it means for you. Some laboratory tests may take a few days and a report will be provided of the results as explained above. Most interpretations of results can be supplied with a private follow up phone call.

Focus Attention on the Source of the Issue, as Well Provide Symptom Relief - You want your symtoms fixed!

Provide Herbal Medicine, Probiotics, and Dietary Advice prescribed for your condition &/or provide practices and treatments that support you

Our practitioner will provide Practitioner Approved Supplements or create Customised Herbal Remedies or Medicines for your specific condition to support your recovery.

and may Prepare a Prescribed Wellbeing & Health Plan for You To Take Home & with Follow Up Protocols

Our practitioner can offer you a plan for your on-going recovery and other customised programs to support your health, diet and lifestyle.

At Natural & Healthy4Life we prescribe individually structured holistic health care plans around each of our clients health care needs, supporting them in all areas of their personal health care matrix. Holistic Medicine means working effectively within an individual's unique 'Wellbeing Matrix', including their nervous system, hormonal system, cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal systems, and effectively looking at associative mental and external influences on an individual's health - including the mind, environment and their spiritual wellbeing.

Natural & Healthy4Life is a comprehensive collaboration of professional health care practitioners, practices and treatments under the one roof.


Our Mission is to assist our client's health care needs by helping restore their 'Holistic Wellbeing Matrix' using sound therapeutic integrated practices and treatments, nurturing health outcomes that maximise your healthiest you!

Our Health and Wellbeing Team will prescribe for you a personalised and structured health care plan utilising all of our resources, and natural health care modalities, practices and treatments to see you to a speedy, and effective recovery.


Our Naturopaths are trained in Australia to the highest Australian Standards (Degree level of studies in Bachelor of Health Sciences - Naturopathy) and practice under mentorship of the leaders in the field before continuing as Health Care Professionals in their own right. Our Naturopaths are also qualified in mainstream (Nursing) and other complimentary health care mediums including: Ayurveda - Practices and Treatments, Holistic Counselling, Yoga and Yoga Therapies, Tibetan Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques, and massage & therapeutic treatments prescribed in the Ayurveda & Naturopath Systems of Medicine.

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