Natural & Healthy4Life is a comprehensive team of Professional Natural Medicine Practitioners under one roof.


Our aim is to assist our client's health care needs through restoring their wellbeing holistically, using sound therapeutic & scientifically proven integrative practices and treatments, nurturing positive health outcomes that maximize your healthiest you!

Our Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Integrative GP are trained in Australia to the highest Australian Standards (Degree level of studies).  Our Naturopaths are also qualified in many complementary health care mediums including Ayurveda - practices, and treatments; Acupuncture & TCM; Holistic Counselling; Yoga and Yoga Therapies; Tibetan Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques; and massage & therapeutic treatments prescribed in the Ayurveda & Naturopath Systems of Medicine.

At Natural & Healthy4Life we prescribe individually structured integrative health care plans around each of our client's health care needs, supporting them in all areas of their health & wellbeing.

Integrative Medicine means working effectively within an individual's unique 'Wellbeing Matrix', including their nervous system, hormonal system, cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal systems, and effectively looking at associative mental and external influences on an individual's health - including mind, environment, and spiritual wellbeing.

Integrative Health Care also means working closely with your GP and other allied health care professionals who look after you to design for you a personalised and structured health care plan that will see you to a speedy, and effective recovery sooner rather than later.

Your consultation includes the development of a personally prescribed treatment plan developing the best course of treatment.

• In Your first consultation with our Naturopathic Team, we will:

Spend Effective Time With You To Find The Source of Your Health Concern

• Please allow 1hour 30 minutes for your initial consultation. Your practitioner may use a range of diagnostic tools to help determine the cause of the problem and will prescribe the best individualised treatment plan for you, including Hair Tissue analysis, DNA testing, Urine testing, Live Blood analysis.

We Help You Understand Your Results

Our practitioners will explain the results of our in-clinic tests and what they mean for you. Some laboratory tests may take a few days and a report will be provided of these results with your follow-up consultation if required.

We focus attention on the source of your condition, as well as provide symptom relief.

We provide herbal medicine specifically compounded and prepared  for your condition &/or provide prescribed practices and treatments.

Herbs and Minerals


Tracy Litherland B.HSc Naturopathy; Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine
Dip Yoga Teaching; Cert Ayurveda; Cert IV Training & Assessment

Principle at Natural & Healthy4Life, Murwillumbah
and Head Naturopath at GAIA Retreat, Byron Bay

DNA Testing • Oligographs • Hair & Tissue Analysis
Live Blood Analysis


Herbal Medicine

Our Experienced Practitioner Team treat and restore health relating to: 

   General Health and Wellbeing

   Food Allergies and Food Intolerances

   IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


   Hormone imbalances

   Weight management

   Chronic fatigue
   Chronic pain issues

   Infertility and Fertility issues

   Pregnancy Care


   Heart disease & Hypertension

   PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

   Adrenal Fatigue

   Detoxification programs

   & Chronic stress to name a few...

   * We work closely with allied health professionals (your doctor, nurses, and other mainstream therapists) to treat complex health conditions.

Naturopathic Consultations may include non-invasive tests, various diagnostic tools & referrals:

   Eco-genomics - (Colon bacteria DNA) Test

   Hormone Testing

   Tissue Mineral Analysis

   Stress & Cardio Algorithms (HM)

   Sputum, Urinary, and Fecal Pathology

   Serum Pathology

   Thyroid Testing

   Diabetes Test

   Lactose Intolerance Test

   Candida Test

   Coeliac Test


   Tongue & Pulse



Natural & Healthy4Life