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Sound Healing

 What is Neuro-Psycho-Energetic Therapy?

Growing up as ‘a living organism,’ human beings register every life event physically, emotionally, and cognitively. To survive and move on with life, one naturally suppresses or represses any unpleasant or traumatic life events to unconsciousness, and sometimes totally block out these events from memory.

However, the physical and emotional memories remain and become reactivated every time another life event happens that even remotely reminds the body of past events.

One, therefore, reacts to both current and past life events in the form of panic attacks, anxiety, physical symptoms, and behavioral avoidance or aggression. Consequently, these events retraumatise one in amplification each time they happen.

The integration of psychotherapy, neuro-emotional techniques, and acupuncture helps reduce the body’s reaction from emotional and physical trauma. The combination of these therapies is called neuro-psycho-energetic therapy and can bring about profound healing in the Psyche, and subsequently positively affecting physical health and wellbeing.

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Neuro-Psych-Energetic Therapy may treat

• Insomnia

• Anxiety



• Depression

• Panic Attacks

• Social Anxiety

• Emotional blockages

• Negative Emotions

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