Tracy Litherland 
B.HSc Naturopathy; Adv Dip WHM; Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA; Cert Ayurveda Therapies;
Cert Tibetan Mindfulness Training; TAE Cert IV

Tracy Litherland provides thorough, effective, and practical naturopathic consultations with unique insight from more than 24 years of experience as a holistic natural health practitioner, with 8 years of Degree and Advanced Diploma level training, including a two-year internship with Australia's leading natural health clinic and dispensary provider, the Hierophant.

Tracy is the principal at Natural & Healthy4Life & Head Naturopath at GAIA Retreat, Byron Bay. She is an experienced and caring Naturopath, who is down to earth, and who provides her naturopathy knowledge and nutritional experience to her clients in a nurturing and supportive way, making sure that you are always listened to. Tracy brings health awareness through the minute details gained through thorough investigation into your health complaints. She also works closely with allied health professionals and your or our Integrative GP, to provide the most effective evidence-based natural medicines to support your care. Nothing is more important to Tracy than the health & vitality of her clients and their family members.

Tracy brings a comprehensive integrative viewpoint to your health care that addresses the holistic nature of your health, looking intrinsically at the causes, along with managing immediate symptom relief.

Tracy is happy to take phone calls as the first point of contact for any personal health needs.

Your Health is important to us, that's why all of our practitioners are accredited to Australian Standards in qualified fields of proven Health Sciences. Don't settle for less!

Gerold Mayr

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Energy Psychology, Matrix Reimprinting, Counselling, Training, Group facilitation, Self Development Programs

Gerold guides and assists you to find your way back to your innate vitality. He works in a fluid, client-centered style, with his preferred modality being Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Gerold has been an EFT practitioner, facilitator, and trainer in the Tweed Shire for 10 years.


In a session with Gerold, you will explore your full potential and overcome what stands in your way.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a non-invasive practice that works through an issue layer by layer until the root cause is resolved. It uses stimulation of mind and body encouraging free energy flow, allowing issues to be resolved quickly, and with lasting results.

Gerold specialises in working with trauma and addiction. Deep laying problems are addressed without re-living traumatic events, and instant tools are passed on with every session empowering clients in self-healing.


Sessions can be held face-to-face, online, and via phone.




Gerold Mayr 

DipCouns, cert. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner

Jonathon Profile Picture.jpg

Johnathon Dao Lic. Acupuncturist. Qigong Instructor. Yoga Teacher

Dr. Johnathon has been in clinical practice for over 27 years which began as a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He has lived in Asia for 15 years and is also a qualified Yoga and Qigong Instructor, and has studied Ayurvedic Medicine and Naturopathy.


Having worked at International Clinics, Health Retreats, and Spa’s in Geneva, Cyprus, and Thailand he offers a wholistic level of experience hard found and is as passionate as you are about improving your health in a safe environment and affordable way.


Dr. Johnathon is also the current resident Chinese Herbalist of Natural Medicine at Eden Health Retreat, Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast, Australia.


At Community Acupuncture Clinic at Natural & Healthy4Life Murwillumbah,

Dr Johnathon treats 3 people only in total at any one time, in a socially distanced atmosphere with utmost hygiene. Both the front and back of your body are treated in your clinical session as well as recommendations on herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle.

We provide the Highest quality TGA approved Chinese Medicines at very affordable rates.

Monique Le Gall

Fusion Acupressure Facilitator ~ Talk Therapist ~ Yoga Teacher

The Fusion Acupressure method is a unique blend of Acupressure, The Meridian system, Energy Healing, Qi Gong and Life Coaching Techniques to restore balance to the body, mind and heart. 


The client remains fully clothed in a session, and finger pressure is applied to the different pressure points with deliberate intention to move energy, clear blocks and support healing and provide an opportunity for peace and comfort. 


The Fusion Acupressure Method is beneficial for people experiencing stress, physical tension, lack of clarity and in need of emotional support. Each session combines talk therapy and pressure points to balance the physical body, the mind and the heart. 


Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a deeply therapeutic form of verbal release that offers the space and time for you to express what your thoughts, feelings and concerns are. 


A modality incorporated in the fusion acupressure method, on its own allows us the ability to  explore your moods and behaviors in a safe and held space. 


In a session we will discuss what your concerns are, how you feel they are impacting you and what to do to move forward.


Its all about discovering YOU. 


What talk therapy can offer you:


-A deeper connection with yourself


-A fresh perspective on an issue. 


-A better understanding of you own emotions. 


-A way to learn communicative skills to express your emotions constructively 

All that's required is your commitment to yourself.


I will guide you through the rest.


Pellowah is a high vibrational frequency energy that helps us in making an energetic “shift”. By connecting the 12 strands of DNA ready for activation, Pellowah enables us to achieve an expanded our level of consciousness and awareness.  This enables us to take on higher energetic frequencies.  

People are usually attracted to Pellowah when the timing is right. It also helps us become more attuned to energetic currents and thus complements any other healing modality you do. 

Pellowah works particularly well on deep emotional issues which may be the underlying cause of physical ailments.  It also works well on those with very busy minds.  This type of healing gives clarity and often a client will receive an answer to their question or find a path forward while on the table.

Those who have suffered anxiety and depression for as long as they recall, and who had no sense of direction and purpose in their lives, are now living their lives much more fully, and are feeling totally inspired. People feel less attached and more empowered, along with a greater sense of inner confidence and strength. There is a feeling of renewed flow and centeredness as well as a greater sense of peace within themselves, realizing that all things are possible. Pellowah is an expansive form of healing.


Abikgail Crystal

Art Therapist ~ Trauma Art Specialist ~ Artist 

Abikgail has extensive experience in facilitating workshops and meditation practices for over 20 years. Her highly sought after classes are suitable for people of all ages and include Therapeutic Process of Art for promoting emotional expression, mental health, personal development, and growth, along with the absolute pleasure of art itself.

Abigail is in high demand, not only facilitating Art workshops for

creative development to countless people at large festivals, she is also an accomplished trauma art specialist therapist who works with individuals and small groups to bring healing and needed change. Abikgail is guided by her Spiritual Maori roots and her Nana who in her own right was a confidant and healing practitioner for 75 of her last 100 years. 

Her ancestral totems include Pouakai (the Great Eagle of the South Island) and Ruru (Spirit Owl from the ethereal realm). Abikgail also draws upon her great ancestor Hine-Ruru, "the Owl Woman" who guides her spiritual healing artistry providing the opportunity for healing from the Spirit World to Mother Earth.  

Abikgail draws upon her cultural identity, values, and a lifetime of passion for the mental health benefits of the Therapeutic process of Art.


Art Therapy is beneficial for anyone looking to boost self- esteem, find stress relief, a creative outlet, find emotional release, relaxation, self-discovery, and learn how to express difficult feelings such as Anger, fears, and feelings of grief or sadness. 


Art Therapy releases dopamine which helps us to feel happier and communicate with ourselves and others effectively.


It can be used for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder without the need for medication.


In addition; Art Therapy helps children to manage and to process complex emotions, from family life and school life. To resolve and express emotions without words and find relief. And it also helps children gain insight, enjoy relaxation techniques, tap into their creativity, enhance mood and address behavioural issues, so that they are free to focus upon learning during school hours. 


An Art therapy group class offers people of all ages the opportunity to also build healthy connections with others.

Abikgail runs 10 week block courses in the Therapeutic Process of Art in school terms for Adults and children. Her next workshop starting 4th Septmeber 2021.

She will be running two Saturday morning classes each week:

9am-10am for youth aged 7-17

10:15-11:15am for adults 18+

Contact Dean at Natural & Healthy4Life on 0478 222 022 to book your place.

Gillian Taylor

Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Healing Sound Scape Architect

Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy, has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body creates a vibration which resonates in a certain way. Put another way, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe - including our bodies - is in a state of vibration.

When your body is out of balance, diseases can result. That is, illness is caused by blockage which stops the organ in question from vibrating at its healthy frequency. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body’s balance which in turn helps you heal.

Singing bowls are often utilized in the course of sound therapy. One type of bowl commonly used in this regard are known as crystal singing bowls, which are also known as quartz singing bowls. Complimentary health practitioner's use of these bowls to have a significant beneficial effect on the healing of your mind and body, especially when combined with positive affirmations in the form of mantras and chants.

Some experienced practitioners believe that crystal singing bowls, when played in the right way, can produce the most calming and healing sounds. A famous oncologist, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, used crystal singing bowl therapy on his patients to minimize and relieve pain without medication.

Aside from being an amazing practitioner, Gillian is also a wonderful friend supporting upliftment and wellbeing for the whole community.


Access Consciousness is a different point of view about life. It allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. “Access Bars” is the foundation of Access Consciousness and has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. It can promote better health, clarity of thought, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more.

During a session, the practitioner lightly touches 32 points on the client's head which dissipates the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in our brains by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we have stored over lifetimes. Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about. That “voice” comes from those electromagnetic charges that keep us from believing we can have the life we’ve always known is possible.

This is what Access Bars will begin to unlock… the space of being YOU!

“all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory"


Healy Quantum Healing Frequency Therapy


Crystal Bowls Sound Healing is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Completely let go with this beautiful healing modality. Immerse yourself in the sacred healing sounds of the Crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls and Medicine Drum. Healing Sounds trigger deep relaxation, calming the often over stimulated nervous system to find that inner peace and a greater sense of connection that does exist within all of us. Sound Healing vibrations penetrate deeply into the body on a cellular level creating balance and harmony for the mind, body and spirit.

Patricia Rech

Zenthai Shiatsu Practitioner, Crystal Dreaming, Access Bars Consciousness, Healy Quantum Healing Frequency Therapy, Crystal Bowls Sound Healing

Zenthai Shiatsu is an amazing nurturing style of bodywork, a fluid dance between the client and practitioner where the emphasis is on Quality of Touch and it enables deep relaxation, healing and restoration of the body. It releases muscular tension and energetic blockages, brings an energy flow to the fascia, it stretches and opens up the articulations allowing blood to circulate back into the joints so they can optimise the body’s health. 

Practiced fully-clothed on a comfortable floor mat and often called a ‘lazy-mans yoga’,  Zenthai Shiatsu is a combination of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Osteopathic Techniques and TCM principles addressing the structural, energetic and emotional parts of the body. 

Listening to the innate field with Depth of Presence is subtle and can be transformative. The intention is to let go of the fixation that bind us in pain and limited movement and move towards harmonious freedom, peace, clarity, vitality and bliss.

Crystal Dreaming is an inner journey to your full potential. It’s a drug free, no touch shamanic healing modality where the client lays in a unique crystal mandala and is guided into an expanded state of consciousness where they are assisted to release any energies not aligned with unconditional love. It is then possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur. Also a merging with Higher Self and the Divine and access to higher wisdom and guidance, increased prosperity, love, clarity of life purpose, ancestors and more. 

Your unique shamanic journey presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your life plan in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation. The results of a Crystal Dreaming session are profound, permanent and can be felt immediately.






Melissa Juchau

OKI DO YOGA • Zenthai Shiatsu • Zenthai Flow Yoga

OKI DO & Zenthai Flow Yoga

Melissa has a passion for movement-based therapy. She is a Oki Do Japanese

Yoga instructor completing her training in 2013 and reviewed training in 2020.

She has also studied and connects with Sensei Saburo Isshi and

Sensei Hisae Ishii, who own Family Yoga in Tokyo Japan.

Oki do yoga was founded by Masahiro Oki in 1977 it combines Indian Yoga,

Chinese Taoism and Zen Buddhism, it is based in the the teachings of the heart

which in essence is “to do what the body wants,” allowing a calm state of mind

and a sense of satisfaction. Melissa encourages people to listen to their own

internal guidance system, fine tuning innate knowledge and alignment.

Oki do is a Wholistic practical everyday yoga, conncecting to ones true nature

and own healing capacity. It includes self massage techniques, focus on

Chinese Meridians, Seasonal movement, corrective exercises and partner yoga.

In 2015, Melissa trained as a Zenthai Shiatsu therapist and completed Zenthai Yoga

Flow training in 2021. She offers intuitive touch with awareness and respect of each

individual’s needs. She provides a safe space, appreciating the unique quality of each

body. Softening areas of tension, unravelling and allowing the relief in all areas of the

physical, the mind and spirit. Zenthai is a practice of loving kindness with hands

being an extension of the heart with deep listening and receptivity.

Melissa practices yoga everyday and is currently training

in tai chi. It is her joy to share movement and appreciation

for the body with its capacity to heal, transform and

strengthen, increasing vitality, natural health and



Dean Litherland

3 Year Nationally Accredited Diploma Yoga Teaching, Bihar Satyananda Yoga (1800hrs); IYTA 500hrs;

Diploma Aviation (CPL);  Cert Tibetan Mindfulness Teacher Training

Dean has been following the path of Spiritual Yoga for a little over 28 years after having a profound experience with an Apache Indian Spiritual Guide in North America, who revealed to him timeless reality.


On returning to Australia in 1993, Dean consciously sort out Spiritual Yoga & Meditation as a means to gaining insight into the practical processes (the practices) of awakening, so that he could help facilitate and share with others useful methods to bring people to deep peace, intrinsic awareness, and authentic presence - moment by moment, breath by breath, now by now!

In 1995 he began visiting and living in Ashrams, pursuing the esoteric knowledge of the 8 limbs of Yoga with direct teachings & insight from living Masters within Zen, Hindu & Tibetan Yoga lineages. In 1999, in retreat, he received direct Dharma Transmission from Japanese Zen Master Hogen Yamahata ~ Heart to Heart, and journeyed with Hogen San for some time deepening the ground of Being.

In 2005 he took refuge directly with the Dalai Lama's own Master, His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, and studied Tibetan Calm Abiding Meditation teacher training with guidance from lineage disciple & Master, Lama Choedak Rinpoche.

In 2009 Dean went onto complete a Nationally accredited 3-year Diploma of Yoga & Meditation Teacher training (1800hrs) under the guidance of senior disciples of Swami Niranjananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga in Australia, and took initiation directly from Swami Niranjan to ground his Yoga Teaching in this ancient lineage wisdom. One would call the intitiation a heartfelt "Life-Saving Transmission"...disciple to Master.

Dean's approach to Yoga & Meditation is to "cut through the spiritual materialism and get to "ordinary mind - far beyond delusional thought". "We are what we are, as we are, at the beginning of any beginning. Already complete, already One, already Here-Now, already Sovereign Sentient Being!" One Truth, "This is it!'.

Dean is available for one on one mindfulness and meditation sessions on Wednesdays.

(by Donation)

He is also always happy to take people into the Sky for another perspective on reality.

Come be his Wingman!

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