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An Initial Naturopathic health assessment investigates your medical history, current health concerns, diet, lifestyle, all your physical systems, your gut biome, and genetic predispositions. This 90-minute consultation focuses on a thorough understanding of you as an individual, your intrinsic health constitution, and the fundamental causation of your current health complaint.  

This comprehensive exploration of your holistic health matrix progressively reveals the true underlying causes of your condition enabling Tracy is able to get to the root of your health issues. 

Long-term symptomatic relief can only follow on from a definitive evaluation of the primary ailments and instigation of prescriptive individualised protocols. 

Therapies may include nutritional support; herbal medicine; dietary changes; blood tests; DNA testing; allergy testing; gastrointestinal microbiome evaluation; hair tissue analysis and live blood analysis.

Tracy Litherland B.HSc

B.HSc Naturopathy; Adv Dip WHM; Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA; Cert Ayurveda Therapies; Cert Tibetan Mindfulness Training; TAE Cert IV

Co-founder & principal health practitioner at Natural & Healthy 4 Life and the Head Naturopath at GAIA Retreat, Byron Bay, Tracy's experience incorporates 8 years of Degree and Advanced Diploma level training, including a two-year internship with Australia's leading natural health clinic and dispensary provider, the Hierophant.

As an accomplished accredited Naturopath, Tracy provides thorough, effective, and practical naturopathic consultations with unique insight from more than 24 years of complimentary practitioner health experience and expert training through Australia's leading Naturopathic University, Endeavour College.


She is a professional and caring Naturopath, who is down to earth, providing her naturopathy knowledge and nutritional experience to her clients in a nurturing and supportive way, making sure that they are always listened to.

She brings health awareness through the hidden details gained through thorough investigation into your health complaints. She also works closely with allied health professionals (your doctor) or our Integrative GP, to provide the most effective evidence-based science to support your care. Nothing is more important to Tracy than the health & vitality of her clients and their family members.

Tracy brings a comprehensive integrative viewpoint to health care that addresses the holistic nature of an individuals health, looking intrinsically at the causes, along with managing immediate symptom relief.

Tracy is happy to take phone calls as the first point of contact for any personal health needs.

Tracy is all about you! Your health is in excellent hands.

Johnathon Dao

Dr. Johnathon Dao Lic. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncturist. Qigong Instructor. Yoga Teacher

Dr. Johnathon has been in clinical practice for over 27 years which began as a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He has lived in Asia for 15 years and is also a qualified Yoga and Qigong Instructor, and has studied Ayurvedic Medicine and Naturopathy.


Having worked at International Clinics, Health Retreats, and Spa’s in Geneva, Cyprus, and Thailand he offers a wholistic level of experience hard found and is as passionate as you are about improving your health in a safe environment and affordable way.


Dr. Johnathon is also the current resident Chinese Herbalist of Natural Medicine at Camp Eden Health Retreat, Currumbin Valley, Australia.


At Community Acupuncture Clinic at Natural & Healthy4Life Murwillumbah, Johnathon treats 3~4 people only in total at any one time, in a socially distanced atmosphere with utmost hygiene. Both the front and back of your body are treated in your clinical session as well as recommendations on herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle.

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Johnathon is able to prescribe the Highest quality TGA approved Chinese Medicines to complement his diagnostics and acupuncture treatment to achieve effective treatment. 






Gerold Mayr

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Energy Psychology, Matrix Reimprinting, Counselling, Training, Group facilitation, Self Development Programs

Gerold guides and assists you to find your way back to your innate vitality. He works in a fluid, client-centered style, with his preferred modality being Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Gerold has been an EFT practitioner, facilitator, and trainer in the Tweed Shire for 10 years.


In a session with Gerold, you will explore your full potential and overcome what stands in your way.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a non-invasive practice that works through an issue layer by layer until the root cause is resolved. It uses stimulation of mind and body encouraging free energy flow, allowing issues to be resolved quickly, and with lasting results.

Gerold specialises in working with trauma and addiction. Deep laying problems are addressed without re-living traumatic events, and instant tools are passed on with every session empowering clients in self-healing.


Sessions can be held face-to-face, online, and via phone.




Gerold Mayr 

DipCouns, cert. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner

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Monique Le Gall

Fusion Acupressure Facilitator ~ Talk Therapist ~ Yoga Teacher

The Fusion Acupressure method is a unique blend of Acupressure, The Meridian system, Energy Healing, Qi Gong and Life Coaching Techniques to restore balance to the body, mind and heart. 


The client remains fully clothed in a session, and finger pressure is applied to the different pressure points with deliberate intention to move energy, clear blocks and support healing and provide an opportunity for peace and comfort. 


The Fusion Acupressure Method is beneficial for people experiencing stress, physical tension, lack of clarity and in need of emotional support. Each session combines talk therapy and pressure points to balance the physical body, the mind and the heart. 


Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a deeply therapeutic form of verbal release that offers the space and time for you to express what your thoughts, feelings and concerns are. 


A modality incorporated in the fusion acupressure method, on its own allows us the ability to  explore your moods and behaviors in a safe and held space. 


In a session we will discuss what your concerns are, how you feel they are impacting you and what to do to move forward.


Its all about discovering YOU. 


What talk therapy can offer you:


-A deeper connection with yourself


-A fresh perspective on an issue. 


-A better understanding of you own emotions. 


-A way to learn communicative skills to express your emotions constructively 

All that's required is your commitment to yourself.


I will guide you through the rest.



Pellowah is a high vibrational frequency energy that helps us in making an energetic “shift”. By connecting the 12 strands of DNA ready for activation, Pellowah enables us to achieve an expanded our level of consciousness and awareness.  This enables us to take on higher energetic frequencies.  

People are usually attracted to Pellowah when the timing is right. It also helps us become more attuned to energetic currents and thus complements any other healing modality you do. 

Pellowah works particularly well on deep emotional issues which may be the underlying cause of physical ailments.  It also works well on those with very busy minds.  This type of healing gives clarity and often a client will receive an answer to their question or find a path forward while on the table.

Those who have suffered anxiety and depression for as long as they recall, and who had no sense of direction and purpose in their lives, are now living their lives much more fully, and are feeling totally inspired. People feel less attached and more empowered, along with a greater sense of inner confidence and strength. There is a feeling of renewed flow and centeredness as well as a greater sense of peace within themselves, realizing that all things are possible. Pellowah is an expansive form of healing.



Gillian Taylor

Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Healing Sound Scape Architect

Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy, has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body creates a vibration which resonates in a certain way. Put another way, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe - including our bodies - is in a state of vibration.

When your body is out of balance, diseases can result. That is, illness is caused by blockage which stops the organ in question from vibrating at its healthy frequency. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body’s balance which in turn helps you heal.

Singing bowls are often utilized in the course of sound therapy. One type of bowl commonly used in this regard are known as crystal singing bowls, which are also known as quartz singing bowls. Complimentary health practitioner's use of these bowls to have a significant beneficial effect on the healing of your mind and body, especially when combined with positive affirmations in the form of mantras and chants.

Some experienced practitioners believe that crystal singing bowls, when played in the right way, can produce the most calming and healing sounds. A famous oncologist, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, used crystal singing bowl therapy on his patients to minimize and relieve pain without medication.

Aside from being an amazing practitioner, Gillian is also a wonderful friend supporting upliftment and wellbeing for the whole community.


Mitsuhisa (Mitchy) Mizutani



Hi, I'm Mitsuhisa Mizutani (Mitchy) and I have been a holistic remedial body therapist for ten years. Before I came to Australia, I worked in Japan as a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist.  Since I've moved to Australia, many of my clients have asked about my treatment style which is hard to describe. The reason is that I generally change my technique depending on each of the conditions for my clients.


What you can expect!

I provide a comprehensive treatment that uses remedial massage combined with therapeutic massage, as well as dry needling (if required) and joint and ligament correction. 


I treat herniated discs, thoracic outlet syndrome, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, spinal canal stenosis, lateral humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial humeral epicondylitis (golf elbow), sports injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and frozen shoulder.  


Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathy).

I'm available Tuesdays; Saturdays & Sundays on days off from my study. You can book an appointment with me by phone: 0481 162 982