Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa was traditionally used to describe the preparatory movements before the final pose (asana). Today Vinyasa yoga describes a series of yoga postures that flow into each other, coordinated with the breath in one continuous flow. Vinyasa classes do not follow a set sequence, they are unique and individual classes, guided by the intuitive creativity of the teacher and class.


Benefits include:

  • Increased agility, mobility and balance

  • Maintain healthy bones and joints

  • Improved weight management and body tone

  • Improved strength, flexibility and energy levels

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Calms the mind and promotes quality sleep

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Improves posture and alignment

  • Promotes breathing practices for health and vitality

  • Improves metabolism and metabolic processes

  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification process (improved lymphatic flow)

  • Increases cellular nutrition by removing stagnation and supplying nutrients and oxygenation