Naturopathy & Iridology Immersion Workshop and Lifestyle Course

WORKSHOP (module 1 of Course) 16 Oct 2021. 1pm- 3pm

In this fun exploratory IRIDOLOGY lifestyle WORKSHOP, facilitated by GAIA Retreat's Head Naturopath, Tracy Litherland B.HSc you will learn in-depth details of Iris analysis, genetics & how to understand your constitutional heredity according to Iridology, as well as herbs & lifestyle changes that may support your health.

This WORKSHOP is Module one of the 8 Week Course and stands alone as a perfect introduction into the world of Iridology.

If you enjoy the workshop, and we're sure you will, you are able to then undertake the Course with the rest of the Course participants. This workshop is $49

Course commences 16 Oct 2021

This fun workshop/course will be held over 8 WEEKS (Saturday afternoons 1pm - 3pm) and is facilitated by GAIA Retreat's Head Naturopath, Tracy Litherland B.HSc (NAT)

You will STUDY 8 PROGRESSIVE LEVELS OF IRIS ANALYSIS & DIETARY SUPPORT using fun methods that will help you to understand and remember.

You will

• Learn both the physical & psychological perspectives of iridology

• Use Iridology Mandala Art to reinforce analysis concepts and dietary (herbs) support requirements using iris mandalas as symbolic expressions of strengths, gifts, challenges, required support, and unfolding potential as human beings.

• Integrate Naturopathy knowledge to understand structure; iris markings; iris constitutions.

• Apply the 5 elements to understanding environmental influences

• Learn and Map the HERBS used to support your consitution. Design your Medicine     Garden using Western Herbal Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

• Understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and physical health.

• Design your personal self-care program from your iridology learning and results

• Work as a  group to compound learning

Through studying the iris, Iridology is able to determine the inherent strength of each body system, the current level of toxicity and stress in body tissues and, combined with a general understanding of holistic anatomy and physiology, identify the system, organ and glandular weakness patterns that manifest as your individual pathway toward disease or greater health.


This information is used to guide preventative and self-healing programs that incorporate education, purification, and regeneration, and preventative care. Iridology also provides a uniquely effective way to explore the interior world of body, mind and emotions, along with their dynamic relationships; relationships that are at the core of psychoneuroimmunology.

You'll love this course! This course is for anyone who loves eyes and the mysteries behind them.

Places strictly limited!

$345 ~ Payment plans  (Instalment plans available), pay in full or you can use Afterpay. Making it easy!

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I'm Tracy Litherland, co- founder of Natural & Healthy4Life and Head Naturopath at GAIA Retreat Byron Bay. I'm a degree-qualified Naturopath; advanced diploma trained Herbalist; certified Ayurvedic therapist and Diploma trained Yoga teacher with certificate IV in training and assessment. 

It's my absolute pleasure to facilitate these lifestyle courses for you. Come join me and explore the secrets to greater health today!