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SUNDAY 1st May 2022 10am - 5:30pm 

Sunday 26 June
$79 Earlybird (until 29/5) then $99

Deeply heal & transform.
Reawaken your true nature.
Delve into this ancient celtic spiritual tradition.
Release ~ Reconnect ~ Reawaken.

Come join Traditional Healer Heidi Williams for this Transformational Healing Day Workshop. Heidi has steeped herself in this mystical and magical spirituality from Ireland for many years.

Core & Cellular Transformational Healing is a powerful form of healing rooted in the ancient ways of a pre- celtic spiritual tradition dating back 4000 years. It is an energetic, telepathic process of a deeper listening, mysticism and transformation which clears, purifies and regenerates the core cellular and soul memory where trauma, disease, trapped emotion, blocks, patterning and programming are stored at their origins.

Using music, high, sacred healing transmissions, invocation, movement and active, living, mystic prayer, Heidi creates a safe and sacred space to permanently release, heal and transform these old ways of being and reawaken your true self, power, passion and unique gifts!

Through this potent healing process and transformational alchemy a remembering occurs of our true nature and intuitive knowing that we exist AS nature we are nature itself! A deep awakening is activated.

This workshop is for you, if you would like to:

* Release and heal trauma, trapped emotion, sickness, negative and limiting programming and patterns in your life.

* Bring new life, power, passion and creativity back into your body, mind, spirit and life.

* Clear and purify your core cellular memory in a deep powerful process.

* Explore and realise your true nature. Discover exciting revelations and wisdom to transform your life.

* Receive the highest transmissions of vital life force so that you can transform your life.

Come join us, turn your pain into love and deeply listen to your whole being, the wisdom of the ancients and nature herself!

50% DISCOUNT off full price available for those affected by the floods - please contact Heidi on 0409 224 048 ($49 after discount).