Introduction to Mediumship

In this workshop, you will learn

• History and understanding of evidential mediumship

• How the Spirit World communicates

• How to communicate with your loved ones who have passed

• Meditation to open up your gifts

This is an introductory course to explore your abilities to connect with the spirit world. We all have the capacity to communicate with the Souls who have passed over. In this workshop, you will better understand the workings of mediumship. You'll gain insights and tools to practice and help you open to your own mediumship capabilties. 

Join me!


INTRO TO MEDIUMSHIP Saturday 21st August 10am-1pm

TAROT WORKSHOP Thursday 26th August 7pm - 9pm

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE Wednesday 8th September 7pm - 9pm

22nd Sept, 6th Oct, 20th Oct, 3rd Nov, 17th Nov and 1st Dec.

Phone for further details  and bookings 0416 491 187


I'm Lela Diaz, founder of SoulShake Your Life. I'm an energy reader, mentor, and teacher. My background in the Psychic and Mediumship world has helped me become in tune with energies around me, which helps me to navigate my everyday world with alignment and ease. 

I teach psychic development, mediumship, tarot, intuition, energy work, and self-development. My courses are aimed at tapping into your own energy field, intuition, and psychic abilities. My mentorship programs are designed for one on one guidance and support to discover your unique gifts and spiritual path.