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Ayufascial massage is an effective treatment for skeletal muscle immobility and pain, it focuses on releasing fascia which may constrict blood flow and decrease cellular nutrient supply, along with effective metabolic waste removal with improved lymphatic flow. 


Fascial tightness may arise from over-use, disease, trauma, infection or inactivity. Ayufascial massage is a gentle effective treatment in reducing hypertonic muscles during over-exercising. The inclusion of specific herbal infused oils and balms promotes deeper healing and longer-lasting therapeutic effects of the massage.


Ayufascial Massage Benefits:

  • Chronic pain

  • Acute pain

  • Infection

  • Over exercised hypertonic muscles

  • Congestion in various regions of the body

  • Restricted movements

  • Under-activity and stagnation

  • Headache and neck tension or pain

  • Trauma recovery

Apart from being a totally effective treatment for the above conditions, Ayurfascial Massage may also assist with the following conditions:

 • Sleep problems

 • Insomnia and Shift Work Disorder

 • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

 • Calming an unquiet mind, induce rest.

 • Removing fatigue

 • Jet Lag

 • Hypertension, lowering blood pressure.

 • Promotes deep relaxation.

 • Enhance your clarity and perception.

 • Maintain health and enhance wellbeing

 • Improve Immunity

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