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Fertility Support ~ Naturopathy

We all know healthy parents make healthy babies. Our naturopath of course will recommend natural and practical steps to contribute positively to your healthy pregnancy. We always educate, empower and support you throughout your your efforts to get pregnant and during pregnancy so that you can take a more active role in your own health care.

You are what you eat – a principle always important during pregnancy. Your nutritional needs increase during pregnancy, and remain until you stop breastfeeding!

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy can make the difference between poor health and good health and supports the primary constitution of your child for life.


Optimal nutrition and active health during pregnancy helps you to be as vibrant as possible, it minimises risk of complications during pregnancy and supports you and the healthiest baby, setting your child up for the best health possible for life.

Our naturopath can also assist in treating occasional pregnancy complaints including morning sickness; gestational diabetes; cramping; constipation; stress, and most general gestation complaints.


Taking appropriate action and staying healthy at the right intervals will support you have the best possible pregnancy.

Birth Preparation

Naturopathy can also prepare you for a positive labour, speed recovery, increase healthy lactation, and enable an easier transition to parenthood.

Nutritional Requirements

  • are the primary preemptive concern for an optimal pregnancy. Our naturopath will recommend natural and practical steps to contribute positively to a healthy pregnancy. For example, preparing your iron stores to healthy level. If your iron is low, there can be an increased risk of hemorrhaging after birth, so your Naturopath wants you to ensure your nutrition is optimal.

  • They will assist you to prepare your body for pregnancy, labour, and birth of your child with proven safe herbal medicine and nutrition support. Herbal & vitamin support specifically formulated for your prescribed needs can help to ensure excellent muscle tone, appropriate circulation, soften and tone your cervix and uterus, and generally assist you in your preparation for an easier labour and birth.

  • Herbal & supplement support can also be formulated to improve sleep, increase energy and manage other symptoms of pregnancy you may be experiencing.

Of course parenthood doesn't stop at birth. Post natal Naturopathic care takes an important role making sure Mum is getting all the support she deserves and needs after birthing new life. Your Naturopath will provide comprehensive insight and postnatal support for as long as needed and beyond. If required we are also able to refer to our Post Natal Counsellor (an Integrative Positive Psychologist) for parental support. 

Integrative Practice

As an Integrative Wellness Practice you can rest assured that you have support from not only our internal team of accredited and experienced Natural Health Care Practitioners, but you will also have access to our external practitioner team including our Family GP and Positive Counselling Psychologist. Our experience ensures that we have a foot in both medical worlds and are highly competent to refer when and where required!

Support during Pregnancy with discomforts

During pregnancy, especially at the early stage of pregnancy, women usually experience discomfort.

Our licensed acupuncturist and our remedial massage therapist are experienced with different forms of pregnancy pain. They will address these issues simultaneously and holistically.

Most patients experience improvement in the following ways with acupuncture and remedial massage:

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Back and lower back pain

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Headache

  • Tiredness

  • Insomnia

  • Indigestion

Acupuncture and remedial massage treatments can help promote energy flow and blood circulation. It can also help relax and calm the mind, reduces anxiety and helps relieve lower back pain, improve sleep, and reduces other discomforts.

Schedule an appointment

with our Integrative Naturopath as your starting point, from there we will be able to guide you toward optimal pre-pregnancy, pregnancy & post-pregnancy support, and vital health.

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Naturopathic Consultations may also include other tests if required. These may include:

   Microbiome Testing (Gut Flora)

   Hair Tissue Analysis

   Live Blood Analysis

   Stress & Cardio Algorithms (HM)

   Sputum, Urinary, and Facal Pathology

   Thyroid Testing

   Diabetes Test

   Lactose Intolerance Test

   Candida Test

   Coeliac Test get to the bottom of the prevailing condition.

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