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Sounds like a funny new age therapy right? However the elements of 'holistic health' have been the foundation stones of personal wellbeing for millenia...long before Freud and Jung hit the stage with psycho-analysis. 


Holistic Counselling has numerous healing pathways. Foremost is the management of conditions and complaints, ailments and concerns through diet. Regulation of hormones, body chemicals and subsequent emotions through food & herbs have been known to the Chinese and people of India for thousands of years. Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Yoga have been long establish in these cultures as prophylactic and curative remedy to the holistic framework of a human being (body, mind, & spirit).

Understanding and treating the foundational holistic pathways (physical - body, diet, hormones, cardio-vascular system etc) with precursory consideration, before moving onto working with the psyche, allows a Holistic Counsellor to rule out any primary causative physical sources that may be prompting the concern or condition.

Our Holistic Counsellors look at all of the (holistic) aspects of an individual including: the Body, Mind, the Hormonal System; Cardiology; Chemical and Substance use; and the Environmental before we move on to the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 

Of course a good ear might be all that is required and we'll work effectively and progressively working with you through the issue whether

- financial 

- relationships 

- children

- parents

- work

- social

to get to the bottom of the problem and we will work with you gently and in a comfortable way to alleviate and elevate.

If however the concern requires further delving into, then holistic counselling on a physical level is the first stop for consideration and your holistic counsellor will look for underlying physical pathology (including diet, chemicals, heavy metals, vitamin deficiency) as the source of the ailment. They then will apply a remedy, perhaps herbal, perhaps a physical therapy before moving onto the deeper psyche.  


Physiological Analysis may include:

• Hair and Tissue Analysis - looking for environmental factors or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

• Stress & Cardio Algorithms (HM)

• Blood, Sputum, Urinary and Facal Pathology - B12 deficiency has been linked to mimicking Alzheimers

• Thyroid Testing

• Lactose Intolerance Test

• Candida Test

• Coeliac Test

• Iridology

• Pulse Diagnosis

Physiological Remedy may include:

• Vitamin therapy

• Antagonist therapy (e.g heavy metals - reducing copper with zinc)

• Nutritional changes - prescribed diet (i.e 'gaba' from Brown Rice) (gamma-Aminobutyric acid)

• Dietary supplements

• Herbal Medicine

• Mindfulness practices

• Yoga, Yoga Therapies

• Ayurvedic Treatments (managing the life airs - doshas) with Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Vatakizhi name a few

Once it has been concluded that the physiological elements have been successfully treated and if there still hasn't been any resolution, then our Holistic Counsellor will move onto the psyche and use their counselling tools to look an any number of underlying mental sources for the complaint.

Typically our Counsellor will look at:

• Samskaras - inherited mental and emotional patterns (conditioning)

• Nature vs Nurture 

• Idiosyncratic schemas 

• Trauma 


and many other aspects.

If you have any preexisting pathology we will work in conjunction with your psychologist on the physical aspects i.e diet, vitamins, supplements etc.

Please call us anytime in business hours to discuss your appointment 0435 396 006.


For any emergencies call Lifeline on 

Lifeline Australia - 13 11 14 - Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention

or for life threatening situations 000

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