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We offer a very extensive range of general and functional pathology testing. The list below includes some of our most commonly requested tests. If you cannot find the test you are interested in below, please contact us for further information.

The below prices are to give you an indication of cost for the testing panels. Some tests may incur a blood collection fee ($20-$50), and some discounts do apply if more than one panel is ordered. Your practitioner is also able to tailor some tests specifically for you, and this may result in price changes too. To book your consultation, you can do so online here, or call us on 

Tel: 0435 396 006

Food intolerance Testing Panels:

IgG 96 food – $280

IgA 96 food – $280

IgG + IgA 96 food – $370

IgE 96 food – $315

ALCAT testing – $220 – $1150 (Platinum panel)


Hormone Testing Panels:

Female hormone basic (Saliva) – $140

Female hormone metabolites (urine) – $120-$200 +

Female or Male hormones (blood) – $30.50 per hormone (discounts for multiple hormones)

Male hormone basic (Saliva) – $100

Advanced female hormones, adrenal hormones and metabolites – $380

Adrenal cortex stress profile (Saliva) – $110

Sleep profile (Saliva) – $90

Thyroid hormone test – basic (blood) – $45

Extensive thyroid testing – including Thyroid hormones, antibodies, nutrients (Blood / urine) – $160 – $200


Other Testing:

Intestinal Permeability – $130

SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (breath test) – $200

Candida (blood, Stool) – $140 – $190

Liver Detoxification profile – $150

Neurotransmitter profile – $260-$340

Heavy mineral and metal testing (Hair, Urine, Blood, Stool) – $140 – $280

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis – $140 – $470

Organic Acids test – $70 – $495

MTHFR – $70

Pyrroles / Mauve Factor – $75 – $125


Prices are rarely subject to change.

We recommend you come in for an initial consultation for us to get a health and medication overview, prior to ordering the test for you.  So that when the results come back we can interpret them and give you personalised treatment advice. The initial consultation is 1hr, and costs $87. Follow up consultations cost between $49-$87 (30min-1hr) to interpret results and give you your personalised treatment plan.

If you are interested in any testing, or would like to book a consultation to find out what may be causing your health issues, you can make a booking online here.

If you cannot find the test you are interested in above, please contact us for further information.

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