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The ‘Relaxation Massage’ is designed to ease muscular tension, calm the mind and sooth emotional stress, and balance and recharge subtle energy flow in the body. Relaxation massages are not just a pamper session but are therapeutic and healing experience. These sessions are a time to tune out and completely relax.

A combination of therapeutic massage techniques maybe used including; deep tissue, soft tissue, Swedish massage, Ayurveda massage and energy balancing techniques.

All treatments are tailored to suit the needs of the client.

The Clinic space provides an aesthetically pleasing, warm, clean, calm ‘day spa’ type environment accompanied by soothing music and soft hot towels. Quality essential and base oils and herbal and homeopathic balms are used were appropriate.

Our massage treatments follow all codes of ethics by qualified remedial massage practitioners as outlined in the regulatory body AAMT codes of ethics ensuring patient confidentiality and professional draping methods.

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